Healthy Prices


What is Healthy Prices?

A price comparison resource for real food and healthy living products sold online.

Why did you create Healthy Prices?

We wanted to see if Thrive Market is worth the $59.95 annual membership fee. When Thrive's prices are compared to the MSRP, it undoubtedly is. Healthy Prices will allow you to determine whether a Thrive Market membership is right for you. You'll also easily discover where to find the best deals on individual products. Products A and B may be cheaper on Thrive Market, while product C is cheaper on Amazon.

Why compare prices between Thrive Market and Amazon?

Amazon also sell products below the MSRP while Thrive Market carries the lowest prices for most of the products we've compared. Yet, according to our survey with 850 respondents, 89% of people that buy real food and healthy living products online buy on Amazon. Healthy Prices' mission is to help you to discover the cost effective way to make savings when buying online.

Are you going to add more online stores to your comparison system?

Yes. We plan to add Vitacost and other stores in the near future.

What is Thrive Market?

An online membership-based store that carries real food and healthy living products for 20-50% off retail price. You can start a free 30 day trial upon your first purchase. The cost is $59.95 per year thereafter.

Are shipping costs reflected in your prices?

Shipping is free for all Thrive Market orders of total value over $49 and $6.95 for orders less than $49. It is important to realise that some orders on Amazon are fulfilled by Amazon themselves and others are fulfilled by third party merchants. In the former case, shipping is free for orders over $25. In general however, shipping on is variable, and so we cannot include Amazon shipping costs in our quoted prices. Since most products on are cheaper on Thrive anyway without possible additional shipping costs on Amazon, you will still usually get an accurate and informative comparison on our site, with regards to which is the best deal. In case the Amazon price is cheaper, we advise that you use the links provided on our site to view the product pages on Amazon and check any advertised shipping rates, or add items to cart to check final shipping costs before checkout.

What about Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is not yet integrated into Healthy Prices but will be as soon as possible.

What is the basket calculator? How does it work?

The basket calculator will automatically calculate the total cost on Thrive Market, Amazon and MSRP for each product that you add to your basket and tells you how much you'll save. It also displays the price breakdown of each product that you add to your cart (click the product name once added to the basket to view).

What is the MSRP?

MSRP stands for Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. The MSRP that we display is the exact price that Thrive Market displays on their website. All stores - both online and off - gauge their pricing based on the MSRP.

Thrive Market sells some products not listed on Healthy Prices. Why?

It could be due to any of the following reasons:

1. Some brands don't want Thrive's lower prices advertised on other websites.
2. Thrive Market usually sells only single units while Amazon may only have a multi-pack for specific products.

Why haven't you included the Thrive Market branded products?

Thrive Market branded products are not available for sale on They may be included in other features on this site in the future.

How regularly are the prices updated?

Amazon's prices are loaded live from the Amazon Product Advertising API when you load the page Healthy Prices. Thrive Market prices are updated regularly when changes are published on

How many products do you have listed?

As of August 30, 2017, 2119 products are listed.

How do you select the products that are listed?

The base of the selection is from Thrive Market. They have a team dedicated to curating what they sell to their members. Amazon sells everything while Thrive Market sells healthful products.

We aren't able to display all products that Thrive Market sells since some brands don't want the lower price advertised.

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